Resides: Solvang, California

Born: Wickenburg, Arizona

Age: 40

Favorite Fig Mtn Brew: Hurricane Deck

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Road Category: 4 || XC Category: 2 || CX Category: 3

2016 Results: Wins1 | Podiums – 1 | Top 5s – 1 | Top 10s – 7

1st – SBCRR (35+ 4/5)

6th – Island View Criterium (4)

8th – CCCX #2 (35+ Open)

8th – Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium (4)

9th – Sea Otter Road Race (35+ 4s)

9th – Sea Otter CX (3)

10th – Seat Otter Circuit (35+ 4s)

13th – CCCX #2 (4)

32nd – Chuck Pontius Criterium (4)

Previous Top Results: 

2015 – 3rd – Slo ‘Cross (SS A)

2014 – 6th – 805 Criterium Weekend, Hancock Twilight (35+ 4/5)

2013 – 3rd – Santa Ynez Valley Classic US Cup Triple Crown (35+ 2s)

Full USAC Results

Why you started riding a bike: I fell in love with the MTB while I was attending college in Tucson, AZ.   

Why you started racing a bike: Just an excuse to ride my bike more. First I started racing MTB in the mid 90s in Arizona. Then as a means to train for the MTB I start riding and racing the road bike. Next, I was introduced to cyclocross racing in 2002 in New Mexico by some friends that where on the same road cycling team/club. 

What do you love most about racing: The people I meet racing and riding my bike are some of the closest and dearest friends I’ve made in life. Of course, standing on the top step is always gratifying.

Best memory from racing:  Earning the “Big Buckle” at Leadville 100 MTB in 2013. I came into the race prepared with a good plan to get through the 9hrs and executed the plan.

Worst memory from racing: Leadville 2011, I was not prepared for that much time on the MTB. Hit the six hour mark still feeling okay, but things went downhill quickly, my hands went numb, and my toes were so painful that I had to stop 3 times in the last 3 hours and take my shoes off to alleviate the pain. Also, I had not fueled properly in the first half of the race and paid the price, I had no energy to make it up the final 2 major climbs with any kind of speed. (Editor’s note: This race takes place at an elevation over 10,000 ft, touching nearly 12,500 at one point – reactions to this for us ‘sea level folk’ or anyone for that matter can be dangerous and unpredictable)

Favorite Race: Pretty much any cyclocross race, Sea Otter Road Race, Tahoe Trail 100.

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Sandy is incognito online.


Photo by Kim Reierson