Resides: Solvang, California

Born: Eagle River, Wisconsin

Age: 27

Favorite Fig Mtn Brew: Davy Brown Ale


Road Category: 2 || XC Category: 1 || CX Category: 3

2016 Results: Wins2 | Podiums – 9 (1 GC/1 OMNI) | Top 5s – 14 (2 GC/1 OMNI) | Top 10s – 22 (2 GC/1 OMNI)

1st – San Luis Rey Road Race (3)

1st – Chico Stage Race, Stage 3 River Road TT (3/4)

2nd – Lake Elizabeth Road Race (P/1/2/3)

2nd – Turlock Lake Road Race (3)

2nd – Castaic Road Race (3/4)

2nd – Cantua Creek Road Race (P/1/2/3)

3rd –  San Dimas Stage Race, Criterium (3)

3rd – Chuck Pontius Omnium (3/4)

3rd – Chico Stage Race, GC (3/4)

4th – Chuck Pontius Criterium (3/4)

4th – Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium (P/1/2/3)

5th –  San Dimas Stage Race, GC (3)

5th –  San Dimas Stage Race, GMR HC (3)

5th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 2 Harrison Memorial Criterium (3/4)

6th – Crusher in Tushar (Pro)

6th – San Marcos Criterium (P/1/2/3)

6th – San Marcos Criterium (3/4)

6th – Snelling Road Race (3)

7th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 1 Paskenta Road Race (3/4)

8th – Adrenaline Circuit Race (P/1/2/3)

8th –  San Dimas Stage Race, Road Race (3)

8th – SBCRR (P/1/2/3)

66th – Cascade Classic: Crooked River Time Trial (P/1/2)

66th – Cascade Classic: McKenzie Pass Road Race (P/1/2)

dnf – Cascade Classic: GC (P/1/2)

dnf – Cascade Classic: Mt. Bachelor Road Race (P/1/2)

dnf – Mt. Hamilton Classic Road Race (3/4)

Previous Top Results: 

2015 – 1st SBER MTB 100k (Open)

2015 – 4th – Cascade Cycling Classic TT (3/4)

2015 –1st – Madera County Stage Race (3)

Full USAC Results

Why you started riding a bike: I started riding a bike after a track injury when running for my University. I did a lot of swimming and spinning to recover from the injury and did a triathlon. The bike was more fun than running in a circle, so I stuck with that.

Why you started racing a bike: It’s difficult for me to go as hard as I will in a road race. I love the feeling of crushing myself, so I guess in a sense that’s really the reason of why I started racing. I love the strategy, skill, and team aspect of road racing.

What do you love most about racing: I like the feeling after you finished a race and are crushed. I like the polarity of the highs and lows during a race. I like that you learn to trust yourself and train your body. I love how sacrificial working for a teammate is. I also enjoy the post-race burrito very much.

Best memory from racing: Too many to choose from….most recently, leading out (or trying to) Holly Breck for a sprint.

Worst memory from racing: When my derailleur went into my wheel and destroyed my most favorite bike (Cannondale Evo… R.I.P.), during the last lap of the circuit race, on the final day of Cascade Stage Race.

Favorite Race: Cascade Stage Race, hands down.

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