Resides: Santa Barbara, California

Born: Pasadena (area), California

Age: 30

Favorite Fig Mtn Brew: Magpie Porter (Petite Syrah Barrel Aged)

Rider-13Road Category: 2 || XC Category: 3 || CX Category: 5

2016 Results: Wins0 | Podiums – 0 | Top 5s – 1 | Top 10s – 3

4th – Dinuba Criterium (P/1/2)

6th – Pine Flat Road Race (P/1/2)

9th – Cantua Creek Road Race (P/1/2)

15th – San Ardo Road Race (P/1/2)

20th – Island View Criterium (P/1/2/3)

21st – San Dimas Stage Race (P/1/2)

31st –  San Dimas Stage Race, GMR HC (2)

42nd – Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium (P/1/2)

51st – Cascade Classic: Crooked River Time Trial (2)

62nd –  San Dimas Stage Race, Road Race (2)

75th – Cascade Classic: Downtown Criterium (2)

88th – Cascade Classic: Mt. Bachelor Road Race (2)

dnf – Cascade Classic: GC (2)

dnf – Cascade Classic: Awbrey Butte Circuit Race (2)

dnf – Victorville Road Race (P/1/2)

dnf –  San Dimas Stage Race, GC (2)

dnf –  San Dimas Stage Race, Criterium (2)

dnf – Vlees Huis Ronde Road Race (P/1/2)

dnf – SBCRR (P/1/2)

Previous Top Results: 

2014 –1st – Vlees Huis Road Race (3)

2014 – 1st – Copperopolis Road Race (3)

2014 –1st – Island View Classic Criterium (3)

Full USAC Results

Why you started riding a bike: I was a bored, out-of-shape college student that needed something positive in my life. Short rides around campus on my beater turned into longer rides around SB on a Sora-equipped beat.

Why you started racing a bike: I was interested in competing, and caught the UCSB Island View crit back when it was actually in IV. After that, I joined the UCSB team.

What do you love most about racing: Making people suffer. There’s nothing I like more than putting on the pressure and watching people pop off the group. Especially when it leads to a result.

Best memory from racing: Attacking Copperopolis with one lap to go, catching and dropping the breakaway, getting caught by two training partners working together, and dropping them both on the final hill to take the win.

Worst memory from racing: Getting crashed out of my first USCF Road Race, Cantua Creek, when the rider in front of me decided to hit the deck on the flattest, straightest, and most boring stretch of road in California.

Favorite Race: Any race where riders finish cross-eyed one at a time, rather than a bunch sprint.

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