Resides: Santa Barbara, California

Born: San Diego, California

Age: 22

Favorite Fig Mtn Brew: Paradise Road Pilsner


Road Category: 3 || XC Category: 3 || CX Category: 5

2016 Results: Wins2 | Podiums – 12 | Top 5s – 17 | Top 10s – 23 (1 OMNI)

1st – ARCO Grand Prix (3/4)

1st – Barrio Logan Grand Prix (3/4)

2nd – Cascade Classic: Downtown Criterium (3/4)

2nd – Dana Point Grand Prix (3/4)

2nd – Island View Criterium (P/1/2/3)

2nd – Island View Criterium (3/4)

2nd – Cantua Creek Road Race (4)

2nd – Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium (4)

3rd – Adrenaline Grand Prix (3/4)

3rd – Barry Wolfe GP (3/4)

3rd – Turlock Lake Road Race (3)

3rd – Chuck Pontius Criterium (3/4)

4th – Carlsbad Grand Prix (3/4)

4th – Chuck Pontius Omnium (3/4)

5th – San Ardo Road Race (P/1/2/3)

5th – San Marcos Criterium (P/1/2/3)

5th – Berkeley Streets Criterium (P/1/2/3)

7th – Berkeley Streets Criterium (3/4)

7th – Castaic Road Race (3/4)

10th – San Rafael Twilight Criterium (3/4)

10th – San Marcos Criterium (3/4)

10th – San Luis Rey Road Race (3)

10th – UCSD Triton Criterium (3)

11th – SBCRR (4)

12th – Barry Wolfe GP (P/1/2/3)

12th – Dana Point Grand Prix (P/1/2/3)

16th – Snelling Road Race (3)

17th – Cascade Classic: GC (3/4)

17th – Cascade Classic: Awbrey Butte Circuit Race (3/4)

17th – Cascade Classic: TT (3/4)

17th –  San Dimas Stage Race, Criterium (3)

19th –  San Dimas Stage Race, GC (3)

19th –  San Dimas Stage Race, GMR HC (3)

20th –  San Dimas Stage Race, Road Race (3)

21st – Cascade Classic: Mt. Bachelor Road Race (3/4)

22nd – Barrio Logan Grand Prix (P/1/2/3)

dnf – Adrenaline Circuit Race (P/1/2/3)

dnf – Boulevard Road Race (P/1/2/3)

Previous Top Results: 

2015 – 4th UC Santa Cruz Slugapalooza (A)

2015 – 9th – Santa Barbara County Road Race (4)

2014 -4th – 805 Criterium Weekend, Day 3 (4)

Full USAC Results

Why you started riding a bike: I grew up riding bikes all day with my friends so when it came time to lose the dreaded freshmen 15, I decided I would ride a bike to do it.

Why you started racing a bike: I decided when I bought a road bike that I was going to race on the UCSB team. But there was one moment in particular that really fired me up to race. One day when I was riding on the bike path I was passed by a rider going so fast it felt like I wasn’t even moving. I sprinted and sprinted trying to catch up to him but I couldn’t and in that moment I decided I wanted to train hard so I could eventually ride that fast.

What do you love most about racing: I love the fact that you don’t need to be the fastest person in the race to win it; someone slower but more tactical has just as good of a chance of winning a race. I like that it’s a mix of reading the race and trying to figure out what everyone’s plan is as well as throwing caution to the wind and going all out for your own effort.

Best memory from racing: At the UC Davis crit my first year racing I had just missed the winning break (two girls got up the road) and decided to try my luck at the field sprint so I just sat in the draft until the finishing stretch. When I launched my attack I could see from the corner of my eye that a bunch of girls were trying to follow my move but I just kept my head down and gave it my all. When I crossed the line, I looked back and saw I had over 10 bike lengths on the rest of the field. 

Worst memory from racing: Well after handily getting third in the collegiate crit at the UC Davis Crit I told you about just above, I decided to try my luck at the open category crit a few hours later. I ended up crashing out 20 seconds into the race on a straight section when the girls in front of me decided that, that particular moment would be a good time to slam their brakes. I ended up with a bent derailleur hanger, a big bruise on my butt, and a mean official saying I couldn’t get back in the race. Total bummer.

Favorite Race: I loved the 805 crit series because the courses were interesting, the field was huge, and I learned how to launch an attack after much trial and error (and towing the field up to any girls up the road).

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