Resides: Santa Barbara, California

Born: Mill Valley, California

Age: 29

Favorite Fig Mtn Brew: Lizard’s Mouth IPA


Road Category: 2 || XC Category: Pro || CX Category: 1

2016 Results: Wins3 | Podiums – 6 (1 OMNI) | Top 5s – 10 | Top 10s – 13

1st – Central Coast Road Series – Seaside Bay View Circuit (2/3)

1stMt. Hamilton Classic Road Race (2)

1st – Pine Flat Road Race (3)

2nd – Dinuba Criterium (3)

3rdGorge Roubaix Omnium (P/1/2)

3rd – SBCRR (3)

4th – Central Coast Road Series – Seaside Bay View Circuit (P/1/2/3)

5th – Victorville Road Race (P/1/2)

5th – Rock Cobbler 3.0

5th – Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium (3)

6th – Gorge Roubaix East Dalles Road Race (P/1/2)

6th – Cantua Creek Road Race (3)

10th – Gorge Roubaix Moiser Road Race (P/1/2)

13th – Patterson Pass Road Race (P/1/2)

17th – Independence Valley Road Race (P/1/2)

19th – Crusher in Tushar (Pro)

19th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 4 Harrison Memorial Criterium (2)

20th – Vlees Huis Ronde Road Race (P/1/2)

21st – Cascade Classic: Awbrey Butte Circuit Race (2)

24th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 2 Paskenta Road Race (2)

26th – Chico Stage Race, GC (2)

38th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 1 Thunderhill Circuit (2)

40th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 3 River Road TT (2)

41st – Cascade Classic: GC (2)

41st – Cascade Classic: Mt. Bachelor Road Race (2)

43rd – Cascade Classic: Downtown Criterium (2)

83rd – Cascade Classic: Crooked River TT (2)

dnf – San Ardo Road Race (P/1/2)

Previous Top Results: 

2015 – 4th – Mt. Hamilton Classic Road Race (3)

2015 – 2nd – Kenda Cup Los Olivos Marathon (Pro/Open)

2012 – 1st – Sea Otter Circuit Race (4)

Full USAC Results

Why you started riding a bike: For the freedom it provided.

Why you started racing a bike: For the competition, camaraderie, stories & travel.

What do you love most about racing: Dialing in the bike, the butterfly feelings, the pain, the failure, coming back to a race knowing something more. It breaks you down & forces you to build up again stronger. Mental fortitude. Meeting people from all over the world that have shared experiences & possibly love it more than you do – I love the entire process from beginning to end.

Best memory from racing: Sea Otter Circuit win.

Worst memory from racing: They all have some good in them.

Favorite Race: The next one on the calendar. 

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