Resides: Ballard, California

Born: Lexington, Kentucky

Age: 30

Favorite Fig Mtn Brew: Stagecoach Stout


Road Category: 1 || XC Category: 2 || CX Category: 5

2016 Results: Wins0 | Podiums – 3 | Top 5s – 7 | Top 10s – 9

3rd – San Ardo Road Race (P/1/2)

3rd – Pine Flat Road Race (P/1/2)

3rd – Cantua Creek Road Race (P/1/2)

4th – CCCX Fort Ord #2 (P/1/2/3)

4th – Island View Criterium (P/1/2/3)

4th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 2 Paskenta Road Race (2)

5th – Chico Stage Race, GC (2)

7th – Mt. Hamilton Classic Road Race (2)

9th – Lake Elizabeth Road Race (P/1/2)

12th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 3 River Road TT (2)

18th – Vlees Huis Ronde Road Race (P/1/2)

19th – Lodi Cyclefest Criterium (P/1/2)

19th – Tour of the Gila, Stage 1 Road Race (1/2)

20th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 1 Thunderhill Circuit (2)

22nd – CCCX Fort Ord #2 (2/3)

25th – Crusher in Tushar (Pro)

26th – Tour of the Gila, Stage 2 Road Race (1/2)

27th – Tour of the Gila, GC (1/2)

28th – Tour of the Gila, Stage 3 ITT (1/2)

29th – San Luis Rey Road Race (P/1/2)

31st – Chuck Pontius Criterium (P/1/2)

32nd – SBCRR (P/1/2)

34th – San Dimas Stage Race, GC (2)

35th – Tour of the Gila, Stage 5 Gila Monster Road Race (1/2)

35th – San Dimas Stage Race, GMR HC (2)

35th – Chico Stage Race, Stage 4 Harrison Memorial Criterium (2)

36th – Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium (P/1/2)

38th – San Dimas Stage Race, Road Race (2)

47th – San Dimas Stage Race, Criterium (2)

55th – USA Cycling Amateur Nationals, TT (1)

60th – USA Cycling Amateur Nationals, Road Race (1)

66th – Tour of the Gila, Stage 4 Criterium (1/2)

dnf – Copperopolis Road Race (P/1/2)

dnf – Castaic Road Race (P/1/2)

Previous Top Results: 

2015 – 5th – CCCX – Ft. Ord Circuit Race (P/1/2/3)

2015 – 5th – Summer End GP Final Race #7 (30+ 1/2/3)

2014 – 3rd – Patterson Pass Road Race (3)

Full USAC Results

Why you started riding a bike: I quit playing football as junior in college and got into running. I had a roommate who was doing a triathlon and it seemed bad ass at the time, so I bought a bike and did one. That was in 2009 and I haven’t looked back since.

Why you started racing a bike: Triathlon just seemed like a big fitness competition. I enjoyed the training, but I was only really racing myself and my times. I wanted to race other people. I entered a Cat 5 race at the end of the triathlon season and never missed running or swimming.

What do you love most about racing: The speed and the mental challenge of racing. Most of all that feeling you get with 5k to go when you know you have a serious shot to win!

Best memory from racing: Winning Mt. Hamilton twice (as a cat 4, but ill take it!)

Worst memory from racing: I have blocked them all out.

Favorite Race: Mt. Hamilton or Pescadaro

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